In 1998 our late President, Jim Briscoe came up with an idea to encourage  future fans, with the launch of Baby Boro. Thought to be the first scheme of its kind, Baby Boro soon became very popular. Holly Stokes-Geddes, the granddaughter of our SA’s Administrator, became our very first member, and now aged 16 she has been a Junior Boro member for the past 10 years. Her sister Katie, now 10 was also a Baby Boro member, and has been a Junior member for the past 5 seasons. Owen Fenson was our 1,000th baby member in June 2004, and he and the rest of his family are season ticket holders, and both Owen and his sister Ellie are both Junior Boro members. Jack Deeble joined as our 2,000th member in January 2010. The SA are now delighted to announce that we have recently registered our 3,000th Baby Boro member. Daisy Poplett who was born on 20th October, to proud parents Holly and Graham, who are both long term Boro fans. Despite living in Gainsborough, Holly and Graham manage to travel to see most of Boro’s games, and Graham also plays for our Fans team. To mark this milestone of 3,000 members, and in memory of Jim Briscoe, the Club are kindly laying on hospitality at next Saturday’s game for baby members Owen, Jack, Daisy and their families. SA Chairman Lloyd Briscoe along with his brother Russell and his wife Julia, will act as hosts, and we hope they all enjoy their visit to the Lamex Stadium. Baby Boro membership is for newborns up until the age of 6 months, and the local Registry Offices hand out application forms. You can also download a form from the SA web-site. It’s free to join, and they receive a certificate, badge and bib on joining, and birthday cards up to and including their 6th birthday. They are then invited to become Junior Boro members. Jim’s theory which was get them involved when they’re young, and you keep them for life really does seem to be working.