As part of the SA’s drive to raise funds for the Club, the Stevenage Football Club Supporters Association has a well establised half-time match day draw, this is more commonly known as the SA’s 50/50 matchday draw.

All you need to know about the SA’s 50/50 match day draw

  • Tickets cost just £1
  • 50/50 ticket sellers are located in the North East, North West & South West corners of the ground as well as the 76 Lounge, The Broadhall Suite and the West Stand Hospitality Boxes.
  • 50% goes towards the Cash Prize, whilst the other 50% goes towards tha SA.
  • Draw made at half time by either the referee or a player*
  • All fans are welcome to take part!
  • Cash & Card Payment accepted

*50/50 prize money has to be claimed on the day. Any prize not claimed is rolled over to the next game

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2021/2022 – 50/50 draw winner details:

Date Opponent 1st £’s Ticket No. Winner 2nd £’s Ticket No. Winner
09/10/2021 Exeter City £138 00321 Lee Cole £25 00254 Mel Edwards
18/10/2021 Leyton Orient £263 00705 Keith Holt £25 01140 N/A
13/11/2021 Mansfield Town £207 00081 Paul Reeves £25 01464 Steve Bucktrout

Please note, during the 2021/22 season the 50/50 started late due to operational issues.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the SAs 50/50 Matchday Draw, please feel free to contact us on