Fairlands Valley Parking

The SA expect to be invited to a meeting with representatives of Stevenage Borough Council in the near future to discuss their proposals to introduce parking charges at Fairlands Valley on a match day. In order to gauge the views of Boro fans, the SA have recently used a questionnaire, and a summary of the responses are as follows:-

  Questions       Yes       No
Do You Drive To Lamex?   325 22
Do You Use Fairlands Car Park?   202 145
Should Car Park Be Improved?   174 173
Are Parking Fees Justified?   108 239
Would You Pay £0 – £2?   192 155
Would You Pay £2 – £5?   17 330
Would You Want Pay & Display? 240 107
Would You Want to Pay by Phone? 16 331
Are You an SG1 or SG2 Resident? 127 220
Responses     347
General Comments          
Willing to pay if charges applied 24/7 ie not just football fans.  
Willing to pay if major improvements to surface, lighting and improve exit.
No maintenance carried out for years. It’s basically a field and not a car park.
It’s a public area, and should not be subject to charges  
Potential for condition contravening health & safety and issues and possible claims on the Council
Any parking charges should be split between Council and Club  
What plans to charge away fans coaches  
Parking charges will result in more street parking in the area  
Increase cost may mean attending less games  
Unable to pay using a mobile phone, as don’t have one  
Club should provide Stewarding and get percentage of any charges  
Council is discriminating against the Town’s football supporters  
High Court ruling that parking monies must be used to improve car parks

 Although a significant number indicated that they may be willing to pay up to £2 to park, the majority indicated that they would only pay if major improvements to the car park were carried out, and that the charges applied on a 7 day a week basis.

Based on the results of our survey, the SA will strongly resist any proposed charging by the Borough Council, and may organise a petition, if the Council insist on implementing charges.