My name is Sgt Peter James and I’ve been a Boro fan and SA member for a couple of years. My nephew got me interested and I’ve been going ever since. I like the atmosphere, the Boro fans are great. The photo of me is here at our base in Afghanistan in our Christmas grotto (which is actually our tent!).


It’s hard to get scores out here in Afghanistan, as the net is really slow, so I only really have time to look at one site. My job here is to work with local nationals and keep them onside; it’s called ‘consent winning’. I’ve been in the army 16 years; this is my 5th tour of duty.


I’d like to wish all the Boro players, staff and fans a Merry Christmas and encourage them to have an extra drink for me. I’m back in April in time for the climax to Boro’s season, but my first stop will be the pub!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from me and all Boro fans serving in the Armed Forces.