As we get closer to the new season, the SA has been looking into the coaches to away games again next season. With the current cost-of-living crisis, we see ourselves in, this is going to be a challenging year.

Like every year John Carroll has reached out to over 15 coach companies from all over Hertfordshire and further afield to get quotes for the coming season, however, we have been seeing the same story across the field with all coach companies finding themselves in the same position.

Unfortunately, we have faced a number of obstacles with the cost of coaches for the coming season seeing between a 15 – 20% increase compared to last year due to driver shortages, wage increases, cost of fuel and increased running costs etc.

Therefore, this means that if we are to run the coach for the 2022/23 season, the cost will, unfortunately, be passed on to fans as they can not run at a loss. This means that if the SA were to run the coaches successfully next season, we need to see full coaches of 39 travellers every game!

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