Stevenage SA’s annual visit to the children’s ward at Lister Hospital

This year’s visit to the children’s ward at The Lister Hospital was once again hit with COVID restrictions. However, that didn’t stop us as the well-oiled operation combining both the Supporters Association & Football Club took place on the evening of Thursday 9th November and as always it was an uplifting occasion. Children hospitalised in a normal year is not ideal, but with COVID restrictions on visitors, it’s a much harder time.

Sourcing the presents was once again more of a challenge for the SA’s Jacky Berners, Jenny Dowden & Claire Hickey but after some creative planning, a variety of items filled the sacks. The Club delivered once again with a great selection of shop items to top up the sacks with Boro’ related goodies, our thanks go to Ally & Janet and the task was completed.

With restrictions still in place limiting who attended the ward meaning no Boro Bear or Players again this year meant that we relied on our resident “NHS front liner” Claire Hickey to once again take on the role of Mrs Christmas and delivered the presents to the ward.

Job done for another year, let us look to normality returning for the next one.

Lastly, a big thank you to all our members who without you, this amazing gesture could not take place every year!

Happy Christmas everyone.