SA Lottery Update – November 2021

These unprecedented times has called for many sports clubs to revisit ways of keeping the wheels turning and the SA are no exception to this.

With nobody coming through the turnstiles there was a growth in online traffic from supporters wanting to stay in touch. There is surely nothing more frustrating than when the team is playing and you are unable to attend through no fault of your own.

So a year ago we took the decision to launch the SA Lottery.  Our goal is the same as ever to raise funds for the benefit of both the Football Club and our supporters.

Given that it takes time to get up and running the SA are delighted how this first year has gone. The number of players has ebbed and flowed which is expected and we do welcome any feedback (questions & suggestions) you may have so that we continue to build on these numbers. For starters here are some figures that show just how active the Lottery has been:-

Total Winners : 118 (average 9.8/month)

For these seven months the number of winners exceeded the annual average therefore going into our second year with more support we will see the number of winners increase.

You can have as many attempts as you like but for a minimum of only £1.00 per week you have the chance of winning the top prize of £25,000 and further prizes of £1,000 – £25.00 plus consolation prizes.

If you haven’t already please look through the details of how to join the SA Lottery