The Stevenage FC Supporters’ Association would wish to impress upon all of its members, our most vehement opposition to those who would seek to utter vile and abusive language, especially regarding homophobic, gender-based or racist insults.

The Supporters’ Association aligns itself to the Football Association’s “Football v. Homophobia” campaign and wholeheartedly supports the objectives and initiatives comprised therein.

The Constitution of the SA has but two aims, the second of which reads: “to provide resources and expertise to the (Stevenage) football club, which enables the club to meet its objectives”.

Stevenage FC is a progressive club. It has openly declared its objective of stamping out homophobic chants at The Lamex and the club will know that it has the overwhelming support of the Supporters’ Association in this respect.

Moreover, the SA will endeavour to police its own, especially at away fixtures.

Any member of the SA who is deemed to bring the Stevenage Football Club into disrepute runs the risk of being excluded from the SA.

Members witnessing events of hate, such as homophobic chanting, are encouraged to report the matter to the nearest steward, the police, a club official, or an SA committee member. You can even report such an incident on the ‘Kick it Out’ direct line on 0800 169 9414. Do try to get evidence to support your report (i.e. names & addresses of other witnesses).

Remember, doing nothing only allows discrimination to get worse.

Lloyd Briscoe – SA Chairman