Recent applications to join the SA have taken us even closer to our 2013/14 membership target.

We now need just 18 more members to reach our target, and then we’ll conduct a draw for 3 luck members to have a behind the scenes match day tour.

There’s still so many benefits that membership can bring, not forgetting possible ticket priority, if we reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup. In previous season’s the SA has seen a heavy demand for membership, when we’ve drawn premiership opposition in the Cup. For example our first Newcastle fixture attracted almost 1,000 new members in a two week period. On the Sunday when we were drawn at home to Spurs, over 300 joined via our eShop within a 4 hour period, before we suspended membership at the request of the Club.

So, to protect our existing membership, we now suspend applications on the morning of the Cup draw, and only re-open membership, if we are certain that we don’t face an all ticket game.

So don’t be disappointed and join within the next 2 weeks. If you were a member last season we should be holding your photo on file. If you’re a new member, then you will need to supply a photo ideally as a jpeg.

By joining the SA you are also further supporting the Club, as our surplus funds are donated to SFC in exchange for Shares in the Club.