As Christmas approaches, as does the middle of the football season, it is perhaps a good time to reflect upon the happy situation which we find ourselves in here at Stevenage.
The Supporters Association grows from strength to strength, with membership numbers increasing all the time. The SA now probably constitutes something like one in four of everyone who makes those turnstiles click on match days.
The senior club is currently doing very well in the Npower League 1 – and I think that you might agree with me when I say that the year 2011 has been our most successful ever. It started with the defeat of Newcastle United in the FA Cup. We then went to Old Trafford to beat Torquay United, subsequently gaining promotion to League 1.
Far from being overwhelmed, Stevenage are holding their own amongst the bigger clubs in this division. The defeats of Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Charlton might have been considered unbelievable a couple of years ago, – but look at us now.
The supporters of Stevenage are a hardy bunch. We spent 16 long years in the Conference, and now it’s our turn to enjoy and celebrate. Indulge it, – that’s what I say!
The SA have very recently appointed Carl Rutherford as our new Social Secretary. In my opinion, this is an appointment which is long overdue and I’m excited about the prospect of the SA being able to deliver social events for the benefit of its members during the coming months. Very much a case of “watch this space”.
The recent Boro Memories day was a huge success, with ex-players such as Ray Peacock, Delvin Stevens and Mick Ward gracing us with their presence. The effort that supporters made to lend, loan and contribute their memorabilia was very well received, and my thanks go out to everyone who made the event a significant and poignant affair. Incidentally, I’m still receptive to anyone who might have ‘material’ they might wish to share, especially from the 1940’s & 50’s (or earlier).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie Berners and the rest of the team who purchased and wrapped all the presents for the youngsters of the Lister Hospital Children’s Ward last Thursday. Once again, the SA can be proud of its own little contribution to the community. Thanks also to Graham for allowing a number of the players to attend and participate.
The SA (your SA) is, as Graham Westley would say, moving onward an upwards. Since our AGM in June we have been represented within the Football Supporters Federation (FSF). We have been warmly welcomed by the FSF and the intention now is to engage in informal dialogue with the Supporters Sections of all the other clubs in our division.
Time now to close, so, in conclusion, I would just like to thank you for your continued support of Stevenage FC, and would wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful New Year.
Lloyd Briscoe
Chairman of the Stevenage FC Supporters Association