Well, the season is well and truly underway, and what entertainment we’ve had to-date.
The opener against Macclesfield was a delight, and our fans were sensational. The game against Portsmouth was a close run thing, and again our fans were absolutely fantastic.
On Saturday, I travelled to Bradford, and that is when it really hit home. We were a Football League Club playing at the awesome Valley Parade stadium, in a league fixture, and the feelings and emotions that I, – and hundreds of other Stevenage fans experienced, was hard to describe. Darren Isted writes on the Comet’s web-site saying that many supporters had been “waiting most of their lives for this season”. Never, NEVER, has a truer statement been said. The euphoria was palpable.
However, there was one thing that really did impress me, and that was all the new faces that I saw amongst the Stevenage support. Most of you will be aware that I have been involved with this Club, one way or the other, for some considerable time, and over the years I’ve become accustomed to seeing and meeting old friends at our games, home and away. Saturday was different. Lots and lots of “new” Stevenage fans, all cheering our side on.
Incidentally, my observations are also reflected in the SA’s membership, which has grown considerably since I last “blogged”. We’ve had to revise our target figure now to a stonking 650..!

Biggest Fans in the League
I was reading the Daily Star on Wednesday Aug 18th (someone had left it on the table in the canteen !), and saw an article about the percentage of overweight fans in the Football and Premier Leagues. The author (an “Exclusive” by journalist Tom Savage) states that the findings are the result of an NHS survey.
Now, I don’t know how they conducted this ‘survey’, but I howled with laughter when I read that the fattest fans in the country are those of Stockport County, with no less than 61.3% of their fans reputed to be overweight. After the tears had stopped rolling down my cheek, my chin suddenly dropped when I read further on that Stevenage fans come in at Number 13, with 52% of you guys out there allegedly obese. Can this be right? Every other person squeezing through our turnstiles is overweight? I don’t believe it (he said, kidding himself by holding one’s self in when seeing one’s reflection in the mirror). The “fittest” fans, by the way, are (according to the ‘survey’) those lithe and trim individuals at Queens Park Rangers, where 73.3% of their fans are, err. ‘not’ fat..

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