Why do you support Stevenage?
Is it because you live here? Is it because you were born here? Do you also support a Premier League club as well, in which case is Stevenage your first love, – or your second?
Some people were happy to support the Boro and a League Club, because their allegiances could be shared across both the League and non-league football. It was a happy medium which a lot of people recognised, and indulged.
Well, now we’re a League club there is a strong possibility that one day, sooner or later, Stevenage will play someone like Spurs, or Arsenal, or Manchester United, in a competitive fixture. Who will you support when that day arrives?
Cards on the table here.
My “other” club has always been Sheffield Wednesday. No secret there, just check out the number-plate of my car when next you see me. Supporting the Owls gave me the best of both worlds, the intimacy of the non-league with Stevenage, and the experience of League football in massive stadia with 25,000 other supporters. Now though, what to do? Sheffield Wednesday’s first game of the new season is against – Dagenham and Redbridge..! Next season, it could well be the Owls v. the Boro.
Now, I confess, I have been challenged by this conundrum. I’ve been a Wednesday fan for as long as I can remember (which is a frighteningly long time now, – Ron Springett was in goal (!)..).
I’ve also supported a Stevenage club ever since I moved to the town, way back in 1968.
I pray that the two clubs may never meet in a competition, but, hey, – reality check here, – it’s going to happen one day.
Who will I support? Well, initially, I used to say that I’d phone in sick and offer my apologies for absence. However, having thought about it during this closed season, then I have concluded that it has to be “The Boro”.
So, for all those Hammers. Gooners, Spurs and Chelsea Blues out there, what would you do? Who would you support on the day? Be honest with yourself, – and understand that Stevenage FC has come of age. We are a League Club and we live in a Football League Town. Now is the time to believe..

Football League Supporters Survey 2010
A fascinating read, as ever. Once again the outcomes of this marvellous document has generated some interesting statistics which, often-times makes rational sense. For example, did you know that:
• 71% of supporters believe that football league matches provide a valuable source of family entertainment
• A massive 79% consider football to be an important part of their family’s life
• The main reason why people chose their club were “locality” (65%) and “parental influence “ (45%)
• On balance, entertaining football is rated higher as an important match-day experience, than your team winning.
Sometimes, statistics can be tweaked in order to suit the outcome of an argument , but even so, I am inclined to agree with much of the findings of this year’s survey.

2 thoughts on “Chairman’s Blog

  1. I am on the horns of the same dilemma as Lloyd here, except that I don’t have the luxury of such an exalted ‘other’ team to support.

    No, I have followed Newport County since the days of leather footballs – our goalie was Len Weare who made millions of appearances for the County. The zenith was a European Cup-Winners Cup quarter final tie with Carl Zeiss Jena; County drew the first leg away, and lost the second leg 0-1 despite having about 90% of the game and umpteen shots on goal saved or just wide. I remember the BBC commentator that night (newly arrived Idwal Robling it was, who had won a BBC Wales commentating competition!) trying to scream the ball into the CZ net, to no avail…

    So who would I support? For, like Lloyd, I have always hoped Boro would never meet County in proper competition, and have vowed to make a half-and-half shirt if ever it happened. BUT, and here’s the rub, seeing we have a pre-season friendly at Newport’s Spytty Park Stadium I shall attend, I shall support Boro, AND I will mix with the home fans, renew old acquaintances, and hopefully foster the good relastionships that should prevail among football supporters everywhere.

  2. I too remember Ron Springett. The last time I saw Sheffield Wednesday live was at Craven Cottage in 1959. Fulham won 6-2.
    Being from the South I followed Portsmouth in the fifties (before moving to Stevenage in 1967) in the days of Jimmy Dickinson. However when it comes to Stevenage v Portsmouth I will be supporting Stevenage!

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