WEMBLEY, WEMBLEY. – we’re all going to Wembley.

May the 8th. Remember the date. The 8th of May. This time, more than ever, we need to get as many Boro fans to the national stadium to support our team.

I need YOUR help to do it.

The lads have done absolutely fantastic this season. The FA Trophy is one of the Club’s objectives – and they’re on course to deliver..

We have got to get the support out on the day. May 8th.

Now is the time for the Barmy Army to deploy its foot-soldiers.

I need volunteers to go to every shop, every pub, club, supermarket, gym, butchers, bakers, – and candlestick makers in the catchment.

Our “catchment”, people, is the whole of North, East, and Mid Herts, South Cambridgeshire, and East Bedfordshire. This is where our support comes from. We have got to spread the word, and I need your help to do it.

Ok, I need volunteers to deliver leaflets, flyers and posters in the following areas:

• Hatfield
• Welwyn/Codicote
• Welwyn Garden City
• Hertford
• Ware
• Hitchin
• Letchworth
• Baldock
• Biggleswade
• Buntingford
• Royston

CAN YOU HELP? If I can get just three or four committed supporters in each of these towns, just to spend an hour or two within their own communities, – then imagine the responses.

NAMES. I need names. Let me know who you are, and where you can deliver to.
We’ve got to act quickly on this, ‘cos MAY 8th isn’t that far away.

Think about it and let me know.

As I said in the previous match-day programme, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Boro”.

Now is that time.

Cometh the hour, cometh the Boro fan.

Let’s do it, for Graham and this great squad of players that we’ve got.

Contact me either at the Club, or via e-mail at: lloyd@sa4sbfc.co.uk

C’mon. Let’s get it done…

Lloyd Briscoe
Chairman of Stevenage Borough Supporters Association

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