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The membership of the SA has just passed the 400 mark already for this season. I’d like to applaud those of you who have renewed their membership early. It really does encourage your committee, because we see it as a benchmark, – something tangible to measure how well we’re doing as an organisation.

I’d also like to welcome all the new members to the SA, who have joined us for the first time.

Finally, an appeal. A number of supporters who were members of the SA last season, haven’t yet renewed their membership. It would be really great to see you again.

C’mon back – your Club needs you…!

Geoff Gibbs

He’s our new Secretary. The ‘front man’ for the SA, who stands sentinel beside the SA guard box.

Geoff is anxious to engage with as many SA members as he can, so, if you’ve got a minute, pop round to see him and say ‘hello’. He might even try to flog you a badge or two, – or more besides…!


Did any of you go up to Barrow the other Saturday? Bum-numbing experience, wasn’t it..

The Supporters Association provides safe and efficient transport to all of Boro’s away games (*subject to demand).

The Football Conference is a national league, populated by many established ex-Football League clubs. We are up against the likes of Luton, Wrexham, York, Mansfield, and Cambridge. Clubs that have long pedigrees, and generations of support.

When we go to away games, especially at clubs like this, we really need to fly the flag for both our town and our club.

WE NEED YOU THERE… Get there on the Boro Bus.. Contact John Carroll for details.

The season thus far…

Well, at the time of writing, the season is only four games old, and Stevenage can claim to have an unbeaten record. The spectator certainly got value for money at the Ebbsfleet game. Great football, – great entertainment, – great atmosphere.

Tell your friends. Spread the word. Get involved. Join the SA….

Lloyd Briscoe
Chairman of Stevenage Borough Supporters Association

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