Can I start by wishing our members, and many friends in the footballing community, a happy new year on behalf myself and the entire committee of your Supporters Association. We all hope you had a good Christmas.

Whereas a traditional new year’s message is generally themed on hope and aspiration, I feel that as Chair of the SA, I am inclined to reflect the opinions expressed by Stevenage Borough’s chairman, Phil Wallace, in his recent programme notes.
2009 is going to be a tough one for all of us, not least Stevenage Borough FC.

I would ask you to consider our aims and aspirations as documented in our Constitution.

Specifically, we exist to:

“..provide resources and expertise to the Football Club, which enables the Club to meet its’ objectives…”

Phil Wallace has made clear the Club’s objectives.
He has announced that he plans to introduce a number of measures to incentivise more people to come watch the Boro. The SA applaud this initiative, recognising that these are challenging times requiring exceptional measures.

Above all, our overriding concern must be to demonstrate a united front and get behind Graham and the team.

Your support is vital and can help spur on the team to victory.

To this end, the SA Committee will meet early in the new year to consider how best to mobilise the resources of the SA, commensurate with the requirements of our Constitution.

The outcomes and objectives from this meeting will be published on the SA’s website, with pertinent extracts included in a future match-day programme.

If there’s anything that you would wish the SA to consider, please feel free to contact myself, or any of the committee via the contact link on our web-site. Alternatively, you can always write to the SA here at the club.

In conclusion, can I reiterate my best wishes to you all for the coming year, and recite a comment which our President is fond of stating:-

“…Players, Managers, and even Directors, may come and go in this Club,- but you, the Supporters, are here forever…”

Lest we forget…

Lloyd Briscoe
Chairman of Stevenage Borough Supporters Association

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